Alkebulan Arts Inc. is a media network purposely created for projecting and promoting arts, culture and traditional creativity around the world.  Our major goal is to excavate a foundational platform on which various forms of art and creativity can be established, showcased and exhibited. We want to create a chain of successful artistic entrepreneurs; we want to use our sense of arts and craft as a tool for true freedom and community liberation. This project is designed to enlighten, educate and groom talented individuals who posses outstanding talent but not being noticed or recognized,  therefore wallowing in poverty despite being gifted with enormous ideas and excellent skills.  The focus is to get to the grass roots, we want to dig out and shine light on multiple creativity wasting away and drowning in poverty due to lack of opportunities, inadequate resources and unavailable significant support from high places. The youths are the future and we do not want to only depend on the brainwashed education being passed on from one generation to another, but we want to implement our gifts and talents as an alternative way to prosperity for the youths.



Born and raised in Nigeria, to a family with music history attached to a foundational ancestry and of course the environmental and family influence, LOGIFEY started music as a teenager with a group of young men from Osogbo, Osun state of Nigeria. It began while attending his secondary education, the group managed to feature on major community and inter-state concerts and events which gained them a substantial recognition in their community through the late 90s and early 2000. He proceeds to study Music at the Polytechnic Ibadan and has grown through the years working alongside notable artists as a singer/songwriter 

He is presently working on a Debut Album to be released soon while unleashing his talents with some singles prior to the Album release.

Sandra Izsadore

Oranmiyan met Sandra Izsadore in Los Angeles during an American tour in 2014, and the meeting ignited the idea of doing a collaborative Afrobeat project with Sandra after observing the fact that she has never been on any other AFROBEAT SONG since being on UPSIDE DOWN with FELA KUTI. 


BORN YOU AGAIN, a heavily groovy Afrobeat track written and produced by Oranmiyan, features Sandra Iszadore on Vocals alongside Oranmiyan himself.


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Black Man Akeeb Kareem

Black Man Akeeb Kareem is a man with a spectacular talent and the golden voice of Nigerian indigenous music in the 60s, 70s and through the 80s. Having series and waves of Hit songs like “Ameboism” “Ololufe” ” Iya” “Africans Awake” “Call Me Black Man” and many more released by the giant record company of those era, EMI.

He travelled far and wide with his unique voice and style of music, representing Nigeria at the World Youth & Students’ Festival of Arts and Culture in Cuba 1978 after which he released another Hit track titled “Abode Cuba”. Akeeb Kareem is also popularly known as the ‘Hunter’s Beat King’ for projecting the continent of Africa through his deeply rooted cultural medium as a man from a prominent and one of the strongest cultures of Africa, the Yoruba culture.