Afrogroove - Jazzfusion - Yoruba Reggae


Oranmiyan Ajagundade

Singer - Songwriter - Producer


Creator of "Yoruba Reggae"


Visionary cosmopolitan with Nigerian Yoruba roots, Oranmiyan Ajagundade has been influencing the African Music scene notably during the past years by using his strong traditional lyrics and style of music as a medium and weapon of activism to address social, cultural and political issues.


Oranmiyan’s outstanding, songwriting and music production capabilities combined with his strong vocal aesthetic has been categorized as Jazz-fusion  and has allowed him to work in variety of studios, performed and tour with several professional Revolutionary Musicians worldwide such as Awa Band, Tony Allen, Late Pa Fatai Rolling Dollar, Nneka, Ade Bantu, Ebo Taylor, Chicago Afrobeat Project and many more.



Based in Toronto, Canada and Hamburg, Germany, his new Solo-Album AUTODIDACT, on which he creates a contemporary fusion of traditional rhythms with Reggae, Highlife, Afrogroove and Jazz was recently released in February, 2020. On AUTODIDACT Oranmiyan featured several internationally acclaimed musicians one of which is known as Mother of Afrobeat, Sandra Izsadore.